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Current Reservoir Data

All Data are Provisional!
All water and structure information and data on UAWCD's web site are provisional and unverified.
Please read this important notice.
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ReservoirStation IDSpillway ElevationContents at Spillway Invert Current Conditions:
End of Month Conditions
Reservoir Gage HeightElevationContentsOutflow Gage HeightOutflow or Status Reservoir Gage HeightElevationContentsOutflow Gage HeightOutflow or Status
(ft, amsl)(ac-ft) (ft)(ft, amsl)(ac-ft)(ft)(cfs) (ft)(ft, amsl)(ac-ft)(ft)(cfs)

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Historical Daily Data

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Date/TimeReservoir Gage HeightReservoir ElevationContentsOutflow G.H.Outflow
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"All-Data" reports over wide date periods may take up to an hour to prepare.
Please wait for one report to complete before starting another.

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Date/TimeGage HeightElevationContentsOutflow