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Current Streamflow Data

All Data are Provisional!
All water and structure information and data on UAWCD's web site are provisional and unverified.
Please read this important notice.
For information about each station, click on the station name.
Streamflow Gage Station ID Water Temp Gage Height Shift Stream Flow
(ºF) (ft) (ft) (cfs)

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Historical Daily Data

Looking for other surface water stations? Check out the Colorado Division of Water Resources website.
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Average Daily Stream Data - From  to 
Date/Time Water Temp Gage Height Shift
(or Status)
Stream Flow
(ºF) (ft) (ft) (cfs)

Downloadable Data and Charts

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"All-Data" reports over wide date periods may take up to an hour to prepare.
Please wait for one report to complete before starting another.

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Historical Data - From  to 
Date/TimeWater TempGage HeightShiftOutflowpH
data here...
Daily Average Flow - From  to 
DateAvg Flow
data here...

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